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Well, if you couldn't tell, we are monster AIW fanatics, and we know that more of them exist and wanted to get them together in a place that has few boundaries. There doesn't really appear to be anywhere to talk about the show on the web, or even much information about it. It's slowly disappearing off the face of the planet and we really don't like that, because, at least in my opinion, this is a very incredible television show for kids and...20 year olds... *nods vigorously* It's like... amazing characterization to the point where everyone is so distinct even though they're playing iconic roles... the costumes are awesome (I mean a rabbit on rollerblades? holy shit), the songs really grow on you, and just in general, watching this stuff is like crack.

So, you found this show on youtube and you're nuts for it and want to ramble to someone about it and also hear their ramblings? Here's the place. Although I must warn ahead of time: with liberty comes excess.

Introduce yourself!
Might as well get right to business. We want to know who you are! If you're a AIW fan then you must be interesting. So, become a member and make a post about yourself! Here's some prompts:

0. First off, what do you prefer to be called?
1. How old are you? (for kicks, because we know you're probably older than the target audience of this show)
2. What's your calling in life? (it sounds epic, doesn't it)
3. Why do you like AIW?
4. Who're your favorite characters? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even)
5. How were you introduced to the series?
6. What other books/movies/shows/ etc are you a fan of?
7. Do you like tea? :3

My Answers ♥
0. What do you prefer to be called?
My name's Jennifer, but I don't mind Jenny for short.

1. How old are you?
20. But for argument's sake, I was 19 when I became a fan!

2. What's your calling in life?
I'm a writer and a wannabe film director.

3. Why do you like AIW?
Lots of reasons. It's funny, the characters are really alive to me, I think there's a superb level of performance from highly talented actors, the stories are cute... I love Alice in Wonderland in general. Hatter's hot, Hare's hot, Rabbit is adorable and hilarious, and it's a dose of retardation that I just sort of need. Oh, and they are a lot of fun to draw and write about.

4. Who're your favorite characters? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, even)
Hatter & Hare are my favorites, but I can't choose which is specifically 1st and which is 2nd. They sort of just share a loveseat holding a sign that says "Jennifer's favorites". And yes, I chose "loveseat" as what they were sitting on, on purpose. I love Hatter because he's the whole reason the show caught my eye. I fell in love with him because he felt like a complete incarnation of one of my original characters, Akira. But he's also just so energetic, I love seeing those long legs dancing around. XD I love Hare because he was an acquired taste. He's not the best at first impressions, but when you get to know him, he's so lovable, and sweet, and he's like a giant stuffed animal who's still human enough to be sexy. XD Plus he's got one set of pipes and though he may not have a Calvin Klein body, he can work it! What can I say- I have a soft spot for dark-haired dorks. I support Hatter x Hare, as well.

Butttt, my third favorite character is Rabbit. That costume is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I love his funny little bunny body and the way it collapses. XD And how he twitches when he's startled. And that's without mentioning Patrick's personality that he packed into him. I like his interview quote- "Rabbit is a perfectionist, always falling short a step from perfection". I like when he whines, and one of my favorite quotes of his is from Techno Bunny, when he says "what about MY needsss?!"

5. How were you introduced to the series?
Well, I was addicted to briberry's youtube channel with all the Disneyland face character videos (fantasizing about being one, even!), and one day I looked to see if the people she was watching had more Disneyland videos. Lo and behold, I saw she was watching someone with a crapload of episodes of "some show" having to do with Alice in Wonderland. My first episode was "Something to Sneeze At" and I thought it was the most retarded thing I had ever seen. I thought the songs were embarrassing to watch, that Hare was ugly, and the segments with the Queen were boring... I did like Rabbit, but other than that I saw no reason to watch the show ever again. But I did take note that Hatter reminded me of Akira and bookmarked it. Then some months later I watched the episode again and became so enthused with Hatter being just like my character that I wanted to see him in action a little bit more. But as I watched the episodes, I started to realize that just about every character on that show is lovable and then I also started to realize that I kept thinking about the show and wanting to go back and watch more. Then I just became a complete AIW-aholic.

6. What other books/movies/shows/music etc are you a fan of?
In no particular order, Penn & Teller, The Phantom of the Opera, Hard Candy, Edward Scissorhands (and most of Tim Burton's work), Disney, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, old Nickelodeon cartoons, SAW (mostly the puppet), Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Futurama, Family Guy, No Doubt.

7. Do you like tea? :3
I love tea! I have a very special stash in my top kitchen cabinet. Tea's great because it's a hot drink that calms you down but it doesn't leave a funny aftertaste like coffee and it comes in different flavors!

Last but most importantly of all, help us bring AIW to DVD by registering and voting for it on We already have almost 900 votes! There is HOPE for our dreams to come true of seeing all of the lost episodes, in high definition might I add, if EVERY fan pitches in! No, seriously, there is. My uncle is the head engineer for the Disney Channel. He says if we are persistent, they will probably cave in.

Thank you and goodnight.
-Lady Bow/Jennifer
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