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Be On the Lookout for Tapes

If we want to see the rest of the episodes, we need to be on the lookout for tapes. Garage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. Try labels that say 'Disney Channel'.

If you do already have tapes, please contact me either by commenting here, sending a message, or emailing me at

I know a great place to transfer the tapes (very nice staff). We can do it any way you want: I can buy the tape or return it after transfering. Either way I will pay for shipping! I can send you the DVD in return (with or without the original tape; again, whatever you prefer).

Ideally, I would like episodes that weren't posted on Youtube, but I am interested in episodes that were. Some were posted back when Youtube was lower quality and it'd be great to have them in a higher quality. I am not interested in the tapes Disney released; I already posted those on Youtube.

Yes, finding the rest of episodes will be hard, but we have a small chance if everyone's involved.

  • Red Queen for a Day

  • The Bunny Flop

  • Through the Looking Glasses

  • That’s All, Jokes!

  • Boo, Who?

  • Double Your Bunny

  • How the West was Wonderland

  • Tooth or Consequences

  • The Wonderland Enquirer

  • Up and Anthem

  • Hic-Hic Hooray

  • All That Glitters/Forbidden Fruit

  • Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?

  • Say It Again, Ma’am!

  • Lady and the Camp

  • Toot-Toot-Tootsies, Goodbye

  • Queen of the Beasts/The Greatest Story Never Sold

  • The Best Ears of Our Lives

  • Fiesta Time

  • On a Roll

  • The Grape Juice of Wrath

  • Homing Pigeons

  • Deface in the Crowd

  • TV or Not TV?

  • The Clan of the Cavebunny

  • Game Shows People Play

  • Give Ants a Chance

  • Card 54, Where Are You?

  • Your Cheatin’ Red Heart

  • Bunny, Can You Spare a Dime?

  • The Royalty Trap

  • Just the Fax, Ma’am/Duchess Treat

  • The Color of Woebucks

  • Those Tusks, Those Eyes

Bonus: the 1993 Presidential Celebration for Children that was shown on Disney Channel during a free preview period.

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