Jenna (missgifted) wrote in aiwchuckleheads,

Update on New Episodes

Since the last entry, I said we'd be getting episodes shortly after Thanksgiving from my contact. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. I realized that since he was Canadian, his Thanksgiving was in October so I sent him a message. He basically responded that he's still trying to learn how to use the transfer machine and that school is keeping him busy. While he still seems like he'll do it eventually, I'm disappointed he hadn't contacted me back in October to update me and I have absolutely no idea when we may see them. I will offer to buy or transfer them myself again.

Regardless, it seems like we will still be getting new episodes. If you're a member of Chuckleheads on Facebook, you may have seen someone selling episodes from their own recordings. Jennifer's bought all the discs and hopefully the seller will deliver. If she does, that's 9 (possibly 11) new episodes and that would leave only 25 (possibly 23) episodes missing.

Fingers crossed.
Tags: adventures in wonderland, episodes
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