Questions and Opening Credits Gifs

Ha, it's been like an hour since I posted, but here I am again. I've been giffing the intro to make gifsets at my blog and I'm almost done (I'm going to capture more frames for the close ups of the cast; the gifs I made the first time looked too fast and jumpy).

Also, I'm trying to do like a lyric photoset, but I'm stuck! I don't have very good hearing. I've got all the lyrics except for this:

Everyday is something new
With music, ???, and a dance or two
It's a curious place with a wonderful crew
And you're never quite sure what they will do

This word, I just can't understand it! I hear "bright." Is it "rhyme" maybe? My hearing is atrocious.

Also, I want to make gifs of the outtakes. Help me out with some of dialouge because my hearing is so horrid.
  • actually this first one I don't have trouble hearing. pt. 1 1:20ish...I don't get it. I think "what did I mean" is funny and I might make a gif of that, but like is this section worth giffing for a photoset? Is it funny? Explainnnnn pls
  • pt. 1 1:50ish what does the crew member say? "nancy?"
  • pt 1. 5:30ish Did the Cat say "trust my eyes?" 6:05ish "everything's gone black; I'm a little ???, I guess"
  • pt. 1 6:29 I don't know what Rabbit's supposed to be doing. What does he even say? I have no clue
  • pt. 2 2:11ish What does Hare say? Sounds like "in five" to me
  • pt. 3 3:00ish What does Cat say after they kiss? "Open my mouth and you shut yours?"
Thanks in advance and please let me know any requests for gifs! Anyway, here's what you'be been waiting for! Feel free to use and abuse!

Edit: Okay, finished

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Hi *awkward dorky grin which twitches slightly*

Hi, I'm Jenna. My username is usually Phantomwise now, but this account is old and uses an old stupid one. >< Call me whatever you wish. Jenna, Jen, Phantom, Gift, Dork, Hey You, etc. I respond to anything

I've liked Adventures in Wonderland casually for a few years. I just recently rediscovered it and met on tumblr. I've been rewatching episodes and all the new ones on youtube ever since. Basically, realizing that I love this show. The most important thing you need to know about me is that I am obsessed with most things Alice in Wonderland. I run a blog over at tumblr here about Alice in Wonderland, its many adaptations, and all about Lewis Carroll. I have a personal as well here. Pop on over and say hi! I decided to finally dive in here because my followers don't really seem to care about AiW :/

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I'm still learning how livejournal works, sorry! Also, can I just say that the tags to pick from are hilarious XD
AIW - I lub you too~
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// Discussion Question #1

Here's something to prompt a little conversation here. Feel free to get as detailed or not detailed as you want.

If this show is a nostalgic pleasure for you, why did you come back to it? What do you remember about it in the past that gave it its meaning and made you search for it again? Was it a memory of something that happened that was interesting to you, or did the characters and world comfort you as a child? etc etc

If the show isn't nostalgic, and you never watched it as a kid, why did you connect with it at an older age? What, even within the shorter amount of time you've known about AIW, has always stuck with you about it?
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The Bunny Who Would Be King Gif-a-Thon

I woke up at roughly 8:30 this morning and immediately sat down and did some work with The Bunny Who Would Be King. I present to you the gifs that came out of that.

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I admit that I just sat down and gif'd as I went along, and that Windows Movie Maker was giving me a hard time. These are the best I could do.

I've also noticed that I'm showing my inner Hare fangirl, because half of the ones I've made with the two episodes I've worked on include Hare in some capacity.

Next episode's gifs will be worked on at some point in time next week.
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To Tear is Human Gif-a-Thon

Heh. Okay, so for those of you who were paying attention to the comments in the last entry, I had discussed doing something with gifs. I sat down and I watched To Tear is Human twice. The first time, it was strictly to re-watch it (and to see if I could find gif material beforehand). The second time, it was to strictly make gifs. I have eight of them for you to see. I regret nothing.

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I'll sit down and do another episode either tomorrow night or Saturday (probably Saturday).
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*cups hands around mouth* HELLO-ELLO-ELLO-LLO-OOO-ooo....

Hi Chuckleheads (and new Chuckleheads!)

I know this community's been dead for a while, but I thought I'd try to spark up some conversation, even if it's just a bunch of "I miss new episodes!" I actually miss this fandom a lot, even though, for me at least, it went the way of most and became a little less attractive to me due to some of the relationships I had. That's not what I wanted to talk about though, because mostly good memories have stuck with me. Being an (active) AIW fan was some of the more interesting and exciting years of my adult life - totally serious.

Anyway, I've been off in lala-land since (or, you could call it school if you like), becoming interested in things I didn't think I'd ever be. I found some direction for my Film Studies major in the form of German silent cinema/theatre, and I've spent since November fangirling over Nosferatu. Yes, that silent film with the vampire you saw in Spongebob. If anyone has cared to visit my LJ as of recent, you found him and his actor all over the place since I'm using it to share with other fans while keeping my personal life under cut.

Well, enough about that! Before it gets long - that's where I've been, but it always feels like I need AIW back, that I need evenings of magic back, of making the stupidest jokes and stories, and of bliss and incapacitating laughter. (I actually, honest to God, have thought about Hare every night for the past three and a half years. He really does haunt me.) I don't know if it's possible, but I do want to reach out to anyone who's willing to be an active fan again. Luckily, I feel like this time I can approach that status more tactfully and not be too abrasive, as I think that may have been something I did accidentally in the past. TLDR; let's try! And please feel welcome to contact me if you want to chat. My aim is still torturedfruit865, and my skype is ladyteller.

♥ J

P.S. I did also start a little AIW tumblr to post all of the images I've saved throughout the years. Add it if you like. :) -->
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Anybody watch "Once Upon A Time?"

Hey guys! Anybody here watch the show "Once Upon A Time" and see tonight's Hatter episode?

I thought it was pretty good, and I was thinking of AiW's Hatter and what would happen if "our" Hatter had a portal to Wonderland in his hat. I thought the writers of OUAT really took the story of Wonderland and took a pretty fresh new take on it.

I also think I am starting to gather up a Hatter Harem, I swear.

Thoughts? :D

Elisabeth's Interview

Just wanted to update you all and let you know that next Sunday Elisabeth's interview with be posted.

We are going back to our regular schedule of a new episode every other week.

Hope you guys enjoyed our interview with Reece, John & Richard!
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