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"You're ALL a bunch of Chuckleheads!"

"...How true that is."

Chuckleheads: An Adventures in Wonderland Fan Comm
The big W itself
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All Members , Moderated
A fan community around the 90's live-action Disney TV show, Adventures in Wonderland!

This is a place for all fans of Disney's 90's liveaction TV series Adventures in Wonderland to meet and talk about the show/share their fanwork. Anyone is welcome to join, and the discussions have no limits, so feel free to rave about which character you accidentally think is totally smokin', or which would be the funniest if they were suicidal. It's run by a few Hatter and Hare fangirls, so expect it to be random at times, quite MAD, and, of course, always FUN!! Visit the first post to learn more and introduce yourself!

You can also find our new picture/gif sharing post here.

  Some Rules to Follow
1. Please keep your posts related to the show or related to Alice in Wonderland, as temping as it is to stray into general Disney. 
2. If you have something PG-13+ or NSFW to share, please lj-cut it as a warning!
3. Keep the Nosy Posies AWAY from Hatter. Trust us on that one.
4. Be mindful of the mods:
ladybow, glancesherlock, melpierson, and missgifted.

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A special thanks to chwheeler for the Hatter moodtheme.